10 Ways Solar Energy Can Benefit People, The Environment, and The Economy

10 Ways Solar Energy Can Benefit People, The Environment, and The Economy

Written on Monday, June 10th, 2019

There are numerous reasons why homeowners are making the decision to convert to solar, cutting energy costs and environmental improvement being the most common reasons. Many people are aware that upgrading to solar energy is an efficient home improvement, reducing our carbon footprint as well as raising property values. Whether your motivations for going solar are personal, economic, or environmental, there is a solar power benefit that will work for everyone. Below are the top ten benefits of solar power for your home.


1. Converting to Solar Energy can drastically reduce and sometimes even eliminate your electric bills for your home. Whether you’re a business owner or homeowner, electric bills can make up a large fraction of your monthly expenses. When switching to solar energy, you will be generating free power for the whole life span of your system. Even if you produce less than 100% of the energy being used, converting to solar energy will still reduce your electrical bills.

2. Solar energy is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. Buildings in the United States are responsible for over 38% of all produced carbon emissions. A common residential solar panel system can eliminate 3-4 tons of carbon emissions each year, which is also equivalent of planting 100 trees.

3. One of the greatest benefits of solar panels is the ability to protect yourself against rising electricity costs. Over the past 10 years, residential electricity bills have gone up an average of 3% each year. For homeowners, switching to solar energy systems can protect you against the unpredictable increases in utility costs. For businesses or home owners that have unstable cash flow, converting to solar panel systems will benefit in predicting and managing your expenses.

4. Recent studies show that converting your home to a solar panel system can lead to higher property values, as well as less time on the market when selling. Residential solar energy systems are also being taken into consideration more often by appraisers when determining home values for the market.

5. Since the sun is an infinite source of power, it is a key component in achieving energy independence in the U.S. If the United States maximizes their ability to convert solar rays into energy, we will be able to separate the entire country from the fluctuations in energy pricing in the global markets.

6. According to The Solar Foundation, the solar energy industry is adding jobs much faster than any other industry in the United States. As consumers become more familiar with the benefits of solar energy and converting their homes to solar power, growth in the industry is expected to increase. Since solar-related work tends to be higher than average paying and won’t be out-sourced to another country, these jobs have contributed significantly to the U.S economy.

7. For businesses, converting to solar energy systems can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. With Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, becoming more and more important to company employees, consumers, and communities, companies are being rewarded and recognized for choosing to operate with environmental responsibility. It’s also being found that having these “green” credentials for your business can drive consumers’ purchasing decisions, in turn improving business results.

8. Just as consumers do, employees also show appreciation for their employers’ commitment to operating in a environmentally responsible manner. Businesses that care about their community and the environment tend to have lower employee turnover rates, higher engaged employees, and higher morale in the workplace.

9. Companies are also quickly realizing the numerous social and economic benefits of converting to solar power, so as early adapters get ahead of the competitors, many companies look to solar power as a way of keeping up and staying competitive.

10.Solar Panel systems are often looked at as an expense, when they actually are one of the best ways to invest since they offer returns that are much higher than your traditional investments like stocks and bonds. Since receiving savings from converting to solar energy, the average homeowner was able to pay off their solar energy system in under 8 years with a return on investment of more than 20%.

There are numerous economic and environmental advantages to converting your home or business to a Solar Energy System, so give Revo Home Solutions a call today and find out how you can start enjoying some of the benefits that come from converting from electric to solar.

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