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Every great partnership and company was formed by stumbling on a great idea for how to solve a BIG problem. The same is true for RĒVO Home Solutions. The stories from all parties were very similar when they first joined together to collaborate on a better way…”Ive been working for a national solar company for 6+ years. They had very limited options for the end consumer and I couldn’t offer the BEST available program mainly because their overhead was so high and they passed that expense down to the customer…” The RĒVO partnership was formed to solve that very problem and our stewardship had been made clear that we were going to advocate for homeowners to ensure they receive the best value available in home solutions.

A Family Experience

Through cutting energy costs and leveraging government incentive programs, we strive to facilitate a thriving quality of life for as many American families and businesses as possible. RĒVO Home Solutions is a family owned operation located on both the East and West Coast. With our combined 20+ years experience in the industry, let us go to work for you and shop the best possible solar option! – The RĒVO FAMILY

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At RĒVO Home Solutions, we believe that the best work is work done together.
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REVO has over 7 Megawatts Installed!

-That’s 5,411,531 pounds of coal not burned
– Equivalent to 81,850 trees sequestering carbon


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