The Future of Solar Power

The Future of Solar Power

Written on Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Clean and alternative energy sources have been a part of our environmental conversations for hundreds of years. With technology advancing so fast, the spotlight is now on the future of solar panels. How can solar panels adapt to changing technology?  

The solar panel’s next challenge is to meet the growing demand for freshwater and new technology has been developed to aid global desalination efforts. Now, not only does the solar panel generate electricity, but they will be able to generate extra freshwater. The dual power of these panels makes them even more lucrative to an environment in need.  
These advanced panels will be equipped with a device that harnesses heat produced by the solar panel that is then used to evaporate water in the distiller and purify the water. The implications of panels like this in a solar farm could produce tons of fresh water a day.  

The locations and uses of these panels are still uncertain. Environmental experts are debating if these panels will be used commercially or if they will be placed in the ocean or solar farms. There is still a lot of work to do with this technology, but solar panels have proved that they can adapt and keep up with technological changes of the future.  

Though this technology is still in the works, take the first steps to cleaner energy and make the switch to solar today! Call Revo Home Solutions to find out how to maximize your energy savings

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