The New Jersey Tax Credit Explained

The New Jersey Tax Credit Explained

Written on Monday, May 18th, 2020

Here at Revo Home Solutions, we want to make sure our customers and future customers have a deep understanding and become knowledge about every Solar! One of the many incentives that come along with transitioning to solar energy is the New Jersey ITC.


When a homeowner installs a solar panel system on their home, a substantial percentage of the total cost of the project can be claimed as an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) on their federal tax return. This incentive is set up to be claimed against the tax liability of each homeowner, therefore allowing you to apply the Investment Tax Credit to your federal income taxes.  This credit is a dollar for dollar decrease in income taxes that would typically be paid to the Federal Government. One important aspect to note is the ITC is a variable based on the amount invested in the solar property.


Federal and state Incentive programs enable New Jersey residents to afford high-quality solar panels often for zero dollars down. With substantial tax credits, rebates, and incentives, the Federal Government will aid you in purchasing solar panels for your home. From saving money on your utility bill to joining New Jersey in creating a clean infrastructure that eradicates harm to the environment, there are plenty of wonderful motivations to install solar panels today.


If you have decided to install a solar panel system on your home’s rooftop, give us a call at Revo. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff know the ITC incentive program front to back and can educate you on how the benefit is functions and benefits you.

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