Will Installing Solar Panels Cause Leaks?

Will Installing Solar Panels Cause Leaks?

Written on Monday, May 4th, 2020

Our team here at Revo Home Solutions makes sure to always guarantee a high quality job and any problems such as leaks are fully covered. Modern solar technology has advanced to the point that roofs with solar panels should never leak, as all penetration holes are watertight and fully guaranteed. While leaks can happen they are extremely rare with less than 1% and usually associated with a very old roof or skylight.


Although our solar panels will not cause leakage in your roof, there is some homework you should do on your end before installation. Before going solar, you should definitely pay for any needed roof repairs first, and if you know you will have to replace the roof within five years you should go ahead and replace it right away, before your panels are installed. Damaged roofs can also be identified on inspection, either by roofing professionals or by our solar technicians, who know the signs to look for when evaluating rooftops for PV panels. If replacing your roof seems to scare you, remember: a properly-sized and professionally installed solar panel array can pay for itself through energy savings in just 6-8 year’s time, and the energy savings you’ll enjoy from that time on will quickly offset the costs of installing a new roof.


Our Solar Experts are always hard at work to ensure you get the most highly optimized solar financial solution custom fit to your needs and completely hassle-free. Give us a call today or head to our website to request a proposal.

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